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Y’all reblogging and donating!

STOP! This post is 2 years old! Opie was able to have his surgery and is fine now!

Ohmygosh, how is Opie?!?! I can still remember when I first saw that photo and I couldn't hit that donate button faster. He's so precious!

Thank you so much for your support! He is wonderful! Thank you for staying tuned. He is seriously the happiest little guy. Loves everyone and always wants to be playing and in your face. Follow my Instagram for updates! @lillywagonz

Opie two years later!

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This is my rescued nine week old Boston Terrier Opie. He was 2 weeks old when a child opened his eyes too early which caused him to get ulcers and lead him to become blind. For any of you who have met him, you know he is the cuddliest, swetest love bug in the world. 

Opie is my 2 year old French bulldogs best friend. He follows Rocco by the jingle of his ID tags to get around our house.  Before we brough Opie into our home Rocco was showing slight signs of agrresion. Every time our cat would come around his food bowl, he would run from accross the room to get him away form it. Since Opie has been here Rocco hasn’t had a care in the world, he is intently focused on Opie. I’ve never seen this side of Rocco, being so sweet. 

Opie will need a complete eye removal surgery (Enucleation). When we rescued him we were told the eyes would be fine and were not painful but he would remain blind. Luckily we have learned more about his condition and found out he is in a ton of pain. We never would have known because this puppy is so so so happy. 

Enucleation will cost $500+ vet care after. Right now my family does not have a way to pay for this surgery. We are doing everything possible to raise this money. I have made a paypal donate account just for Opies care through all of this. I don’t expect anything but if you could share Opies story maybe we can make him more comfortable. 

I will be updating on Opie on my page daily. He really is a little miracle and I’m so excited for him to feel better, thank you. 

If you can’t help out financially, I would love it if you could reblog this so more people can see it and try to help Opie out! Much love! Thank you <3 

Please donate if you can, It will be greatly appreciated. 


Hey y’all reblogging Opie’s story. That post was written two years ago! We were able to raise all of the funds for his surgery. He is now a happy lil no-eyed pup! Thank you for the support but he is A-okay now!

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A villager offers flowers to a female adult elephant lying dead on a paddy field in Panbari village.

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